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Sol Marino
Building plot in Marbella centre
Villa Mijas
Los Monteros Marbella
Linnéa Sol
Gazules del Sol
La Chapelle
Point in Kyrenia
Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus
Apartment, Room(s):2 - 4
from  64-138 m²
60.000,00 GBP

For those wishing to own a property in central Kyrenia;

1 bedroom apartment in central Kyrenia

64m2 internal area

starting prices 60,000GBP

2 bedroom apartment in central Kyrenia

89m2 internal area

starting prices 85,000GBP

3 bedroom apartment in central Kyrenia

138m2 internal area

starting prices 125,000GBP

‘’POINT’’ consists of a single apartment block located in Kyrenia Center in the very desirable region called Turk Mahallesi (the Turkish Quarter) which, is only 100 meters away from the Semih Sancar Avenue and in very short walking distance to the town centre. Apartment block is 6 stories, which comprises of 2 units of spacious shops on the ground floor, 6 units of 1+1 flats, 6 units of 2+1 flats and 3 units of 3+1 flats so totally includes 2 commercial areas and 15 residential units.

Handover date of the project is June 2021.

There is an attractive payment plan flexibility with this project, spreading the payments over almost 2 years of construction time, and then a further 1-2 years with finance direct from the developer.

30% first payment and the balance over the agreed time period.

Construction has already begun – images available at request

Project Technical Facilities:

·Automatic Central Generator System

·Multi-İnverter Air Conditioning System

·CCTV Security Camera System

·IP İntercom System

·Fire Alarm System

·Central TV/Satellite System

·Central İnternet/Data System


·Built-In Reinforced Water Tank


Commercial Shop= 127m2

1+1 (Type-A) Flat= 64m2

1+1 (Type-B) Flat= 89m2

2+1 Flat= 89m2

3+1 Flat= 138m2