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El Presidente Estepona
San Javier Park
Zambrone Village
San Javier
Sol Marino
Villa Irini
Pinars de Murada IV and V
Trio complex
Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus
Apartment, Room(s):3 - 4
from  92-236 m²
105.000,00 GBP

2 bedroom apartment in central Kyrenia

spacious 92m2 internal area

starting prices 105,000GBP

3 bedroom apartment in central Kyrenia

Internal area 144m2

Starting prices 155,000GBP

3 bedroom penthouse apartment with roof terrace in central Kyrenia

Massive 236m2 total area

Starting prices 230,000GBP

Kyrenia is the most popular town in North Cyprus and offers great rental potential due to the growth of the population and the general development of the location with many new hotels, universities, shopping areas and beach clubs nearby.

Holiday rentals or long term rentals are easily achieved with many local companies offering property management services.

These apartments are within walking distance of all amenities, and bus routes.

This is one the newest projects from this leading developer and the first block will be completed in December 2019. It consists of 3 separate apartment blocks as each of the block is 5 story located in Kyrenia Center.

Project totally includes 31 units of apartments comprising 21 units of 2+1,

8 units of 3+1 and 2 units of ultra wide 3+1 penthouses.

Project Technical Functions:

·Central Generator System

·Multi-İnverter Air Conditioning System

·CCTV Security Camera System

·IP İntercom System

·Communal Fire Alarm System

·Central TV/Satellite System

·Central İnternet/Data İnfrastructure


·Built-In Reinforced Concrete Water Tank