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Wagons Way - Care Home
Washington Village, UK, United Kingdom
Apartment, Room(s):1
58.500,00 GBP

Sold out in a few weeks! New investment opportunity in March 2020! Ask us for more details!

Wagons Way is the latest offering in a series of facilities by care home specialist developers. Located in the historic town of Washington, North East England, Wagons Way is an open and operational nursing and care facility. With a total of 58 beds, the facility is due to undergo a rolling refurbishment, which will work considerately alongside the staff and residents to transform this facility into a high quality nursing and dementia specific care home.

Like the highly regarded Gilwood Lodge Care Centre successfully launched in October 2015,

Wagons Way will provide specialist nursing and palliative care. This facility will offer an excellent quality of service in both a sector and location of growing demand, ensuring high occupancy and long-term operational success.

An innovative new model has been specifically created to meet the needs of the care industry. With an ethical ROI made possible by a sustainable model that thoughtfully balances the needs of all parties, Wagons Way represents an excellent opportunity to invest in the future of UK care.

An innovative new model

This new commercial buy-to-let purchase opportunity offers you circa 8% rental income per

annum with a buy back option up to 125% and an ROI up to 225% depending on your exit strategy.

A choice of 4 assured exit strategies provides ultimate flexibility whilst rewarding long-term

commitment with greater returns, delivering the most efficient and stable operation.

Additionally with 2 purchase options, you may purchase a unit either with the full cash input of £58,500 and receive your first year’s rental income within 28 days of exchange, or take advantage of the by deduction model and benefit from a lower cash input of £53,820 by offsetting £4,680 against your 1st years rental income. All returns from year 2 onwards are paid annually in arrears.

• £58,500 Full Cash option

• £53,820 By Deduction purchase option

• Totally hands-off income generating asset

Opportunity in the UK care industry

As a country, the UK is ageing; care for the older population is already generating an income of £14.5 Billion for the UK economy every year (AMA Research Ltd), the majority of which is funded by the government.

This figure is due to increase as the UK population ages. Estimates from the Office for National Statistics (www.ons.gov.uk) suggest that 1 in 4 people will be aged 65+ by 2050, representing a 56.3% increase from 2012. A total of 8 million people will be aged 80+ by the same year.

In order to begin to meet the demand, the UK government has committed to transferring £3.8

billion from the NHS (National Health Service) for joint NHS and local council decisions about the funding of health and care services from the outset of 2015. Key decisions are now being made at local levels to ‘deliver better outcomes and greater efficiencies through more integrated services for older and disabled people’ (Age UK).

The social care funding and supply within the UK is currently under intense pressures and it is into this new market that these care home developers offer its new and innovative service.

With supply dwindling and owners and operators under increasing pressures, relying on the old models of supply and finance is no longer a valid option.

Your purchase helps to maintain the supply of care while providing the opportunity for people who require care to benefit from exceptional facilities and excellent service.

Washington and the North East

The care facility sits within a residential area in the heart of Washington Village.

Washington is a historic town within the North East of England. Not only does the area boast

strong working class traditions but to relations of George Washington himself, the 1st president of the United States of America.

Washington Old Hall, a 17th Century mansion was the home of the town’s namesake’s direct

ancestors for 5 generations and is now a National Trust site encompassing museums and gardens.

The Washington riverside on the southern edge of the new town is an aesthetically appealing spot despite its history as a thriving centre of industrial activity. Fatfield is noted for its riverside pubs and restaurants overlooking the attractive Fatfield Bridge (or Penshaw Bridge), an iron bridge of 1890.

And the famous Penshaw monument is just a stone’s throw away and offers stunning views

from the 70-foot high folly. Washington was designated a new town in 1964 and currently has a population of 67,085 (2011 census). There is a major bus station situated at The Galleries, and another at Concord in the north of Washington, with local services as well as connections to Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sunderland, and many other towns and cities in the region.

Major roads run through Washington: the A182, A1231 and A195 all connect to the A1(M),

providing transport links northbound to Edinburgh and southbound terminating in London.

Key demographics

Although the overall population of the North East of England is not the highest, the percentage of the population aged 65 and over is projected to be one of the fastest growing amongst the regions (Office for National Statistics 2013).

The region’s population was 2.6 million in mid-2011. From 2001 to 2011, the overall population of the North East grew by 2.2% Interim projections based on the mid-2011

population estimates show that by 2021 the population in the North East could reach 2.7

million, a projected increase of 4.9%, In mid-2011, 17.4% of the population were aged

65 and over, which exceeds the national average of 16.4%.

The mainly rural and coastal northern parts of the region have a higher proportion of people aged 65 and over compared with the south.

The proportion of the population aged 65 and over is projected to increase to 20.4% in 2021 for this region compared with 18.7% for England.

The number of people living with a form of dementia in the UK is currently just under 800,000 projected to rise to 2 million across the next 15 years.

£58,500 - Full Cash input

By purchasing with a full-cash input option, you benefit from an annual rental income being paid from year 1 onwards. The first year’s return is paid within 28 days of completion. Years 2-25 are paid annually in arrears.

Purchase price £58,500

Client cash input £58,500

Reservation fee £500

Balance of cash deposit £58,000

Assured tenancy period 25 years

Rental income (circa) 8%

Rental income per annum £4,680

As with any purchase, you should be made aware of any exit strategies. Through a unique structure, the developer is able to offer you a choice of 4 exit strategies for ultimate flexibility:

• At the end of your chosen term, an assured buy back can be initiated whereby they will

purchase the unit back from you at the relevant buy back percentage below;

• You have the option to sell your unit on the open market at any given point.

• Should the developer initiate the freehold sale of the facility to an external operator at any

point from your exchange process, you will receive the higher 125% Buy Back amount.

Year 10 15 20 25

Buy back 115% 120% 125% 125%