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Porto Ada Villas
The Peak Towers
Villa on Brać island
House in Poreč
Cala de Mijas
Cabo Roig
Apartment in the Centre of Marbella
Taymouth Castle Golf and Spa - fractions and apartments
Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
Apartment, Room(s):1 - 3
30.000,00 GBP

10% rental guarantee for 2 years. After this time rental income will be shared with the hotel 50/50.


The Castle is set in 500 acres of stunning grounds

We are selling the suites in the East wing which is an existing building of the castle.

It’s currently shell and core status with full planning for 42 suites (11 are already sold)

The suites are priced at £30,000 a fraction and the returns are 10% for 2 years (if not used for the 4 weeks of ownership)

There will be further price rises when these 11 are sold until the true market price is approached.

The apartments have freehold status and the entire East Wing has its own separate title (encumbrance free) for added buyer protection.

"The equivalent of English Freehold residential status in Scotland is Absolute interests in land and this means that a person has unfettered ownership of property. In Scotland historically until the abolition of the feudal system there were two distinct legal estates, superiority and feu. The estate of superior was unfettered, and therefore absolute. Under a feudal estate the actual owner (or "feuar") must not have breached the feuing conditions, but he was otherwise entitled to complete possession of his property for all time, and therefore his ownership is also regarded as absolute, subject to any statutory”

Completion of the whole of the East Wing will be 12 months.

Maintenance costs for a fraction per year based on 52m2 apartment:

1. Insurance £25

2. Council Tax £25

3. Limited By Guarantee Company administration £100

4. Maintenance £25 psqm divided by all 13 owners eg Suite 32: £25 x 51.9 = £1297.5 / 13 = £99.80 per fraction.

Total costs per annum based on this apartment are £250.

Annual utilities calculated using the below usages.

You will not pay these for the nights in the rental pool as these will be covered by the rental income. Personal usage would only pay a % per night used of the utilities.

Based on standard BSRIA (www.bsria.co.uk) occupancy factors and 46 individual suites I would like to confirm the following utility estimations for the three ranges of suite based on non-continuous occupancy. Pls note that whilst I’ve adjusted the electricity and gas estimations, I’ve hardly adjusted the water consumption estimation as the number of sanitary fitting in every suite is almost the same regardless of area.




Estimated Cost




















As you can see, all costs can be covered for less than£10 a night, for the nights that the owner wishes to use their property.

Personal Usage can be booked as following:

1stFeb -14thFeb – We open up owner bookings for up to 1 week, subject to availability.

15thFeb – 28thFeb – We open up owner bookings for up to 3 weeks, subject to availability.

If bookings are not made in this time then the property will be added to the hotels booking inventory

This can be up to 13 months in advance but only 4 weeks in total per fraction can be booked in any 12 month period.

On the 1stMarch – The remaining weeks will be allocated to each owner for rental purposes. This will be each fractions remaining usage evenly dispersed through the year and they will receive 50% of the net nightly room rate based on these weeks only.

North Wing

This is off plan

There are potentially plans for 50 suites and a family spa. Once the separate spa in the grounds is completed, the indoor/outdoor pools of this spa will become the children’s swimming pools.


Existing golf course designed in 1925 by James Braid (who also designed Gleneagles which hosted the Ryder Cup) with clubhouse

4 restaurants (one is a unique smokehouse restaurant) 3 of the restaurants are to be built however the spike bar in the golf house is ready now

Equestrian Facilities

Family Spa

Main rustic/rural spa in the grounds (to be built over a stream)

There is a vast range of facilities that can be arranged within the area.

Order of build

1. Reception rooms and East Wing (8 suites we are selling first and all common hotel areas. We will then start to run the hotel at this point).

2. 13 bedroom in main castle and rest of east wing at same time.

3. Family Spa

4. North wing

5. Equestrian centre and Smoke House Restaurant

6. Clubhouse