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Sunset Beach Residence VIP
Apartment in Castalia Vistamar
Canary Islands
Canary Islands
Apartament Terazzas de Golf
La Chapelle
Cala de Mijas
Sunset Beach Residence VIP-2
Orion City
Tortuga Beach Resort & SPA
Sal, Cape Verde
Apartment, Room(s):3
from  70.97- 72.98 m²
184.950,00 EUR


Last two luxurious 2 bedroom apartments with terrace left in Tortuga Beach!

Apartments on offer are finished to the highest standard, with premium branded appliances, stylish furnishings throughout and all the extra touches you would expect from a 5-star resort property. Including the most spectacular view of the Atlantic you could ever imagine. Once inside the lavish hotel lobby, enjoy a moment to take in the breathtaking view across the entire resort, the pristine white sands and an ocean that glistens with endless shades of blue and boundless opportunity.

Tortuga Beach is set right on the prime white sands of Pronta Preta Beach in Sal and its facilities include:

  • Gymnasium with Techno-Gym Equipment is state-of-the art and has built-in televisions so you can watch your favorite satellite channel whilst you work-out.
  • YHI SPA where you can experience total purification of the body, mind and soul. There are a range of indulgent treatments and pampering experiences for you to try and each one will leave you feeling truly invigorated and totally restored. In addition there is Sauna, Steam Room, Three Shower Experiences and Relaxation area for you to enjoy.
  • Lobby Bar ideal for all occasions at any time of day or night, serving tasty tapas and tantalizing cocktails
  • Grill Sports Bar and Restaurant, with a delightful tex-mex menu and a wide selection of international beers, wines and spirits.
  • Night Club perfect to dance the night away
  • Restaurants including the gourmet AQUA Italian Restaurant where you can sample the superb Mediterranean style cuisine and the finest wines recommended to you by our expert sommelier. There is also the Main Restaurant, which serves a grand buffet of culinary delights for you to indulge in throughout your stay
  • Store and Medical Centre
  • Large pools perfect accompaniment to the glorious warm sunshine. The first pool is also home to the kids club and has a separate children’s pool that is ideal for families. The second pool has a swim-up bar, so your favourite iced-cold drink is always close to hand at your all inclusive resort
  • Tortuga Beach Resort & SPA compromises of 220 luxurious Hotel Suites, Apartments and Villas situated throughout the Resort catering for all your needs with prices to suit every budget
  • Managed by Sol Meliá under their prestigious 5-star MELIÃ brand. The world’s largest resort hotelier. No other hotel operator has a more superior record at driving rental bookings and commercial success
  • MELIÃ approved Hotel Excellence Furniture Package is provided free of charge
  • Owners of full apartments can benefit from 5 weeks free personal usage per annum
  • Co-ownership and fractional option available, with fractions starting from EUR 11,200!
  • A substantial, fully equipped conference centre will provide everything expected of the perfect corporate event

The largest resort hotelier in the world:

  • At the forefront of the tourism industry for over 50 years, no other hotel operator is better placed to deliver commercial success.
  • Founded in 1956, they have been at the forefront of the tourism industry for over 50 years
  • The overall market leader in Spain for both leisure and business sectors
  • Global brand leader in Latin America and Caribbean
  • Annual turnover of over €1 billion and a workforce in excess of 35,000 employees
  • The largest group of ‘resort-based’ hotels in the world with more than 300 hotels in 30 countries on 4 continents
  • Sol Meliá’s website network receives over 4.5 million visits EVERY MONTH
  • A global management group with some of the highest occupancy rates in the world

Sol Meliá has long been regarded as a genuine world leader in the leisure and tourism industry. Founded over 50 years ago, they have established a global brand presence and have grown into the world’s largest resort hotelier.

Throughout their distinguished history they have set new standards of excellence, and recently they won the ‘Prince Felipe’ award for the 2nd time, considered the most prestigious and most important within the tourism industry. The award recognizes excellence across a variety of criteria including quality, commitment to innovation and successful entry into new markets. As the world leader for holidays in Latin America and the Caribbean, all of their hotels and resorts follow the same key principles of ensuring every guest has a unique and unforgettable experience. Placing the customer’s needs and expectations at the heart of everything they do, Sol Meliá are recognized the world over as delivering unrivalled touristic quality.

Sol Meliá also has strong commercial links with major tour operators and travel agents throughout the world. This is the most critical factor in the marketing of hotels and resorts once they are operational. This will ensure that your investment is in the hands of the biggest and the best hotel operator at driving commercial success for many years to come.

The Purest Investment Returns:

  • Tortuga Beach Resort & SPA offers investors an unrivalled opportunity for consistent, sustained and equitable rental returns.
  • All investors will automatically qualify for the Tortuga Beach Resort & SPA Rental Scheme managed by Sol Meliá, the largest resort operator in the world
  • The Hotel Rental Scheme offers a consistent level of return for all investors
  • In addition to the rental returns, the Hotel’s superior quality, its ideal beachfront location combined with the growing popularity of Sal Island, provides the perfect ingredients for excellent capital growth

That means you’re not just buying an overseas property, you’re investing in the finest beach-front hotel in one of the most thriving tourism markets in the world

In order to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of revenue to owners, all Hotel Suites will be operated on a rotational basis so that each property experiences a similar level of occupancy. This will also ensure servicing and maintenance is consistent across the Hotel. In addition to the rental income, property owners will also benefit from excellent capital growth potential. Tortuga Beach Resort & SPA sits on prime beach-front land in the heart of one of the most exciting and rapidly growing tourism markets in the world. Demand for property in Cape Verde is anticipated to grow in line with the significant increase in tourism, creating an excellent level of growth in property values. Plus, the overall commercial success and occupancy level of Tortuga Beach Resort & SPA is underpinned by a ‘minimum’ 15 year management agreement with the world’s leading resort hotel operator, Sol Meliá.

Your dream about overseas property is within your reach:

You no longer have to dream of owning a luxurious overseas property; you can make it a reality and fulfill your investment aspirations at Tortuga Beach Resort & SPA.

The lure of indulging in a more luxurious lifestyle as well as the attractive levels of return on offer means the dream of owning an overseas property is high on most people’s wish list. In recent years the tough economic climate has made this harder to achieve with many people left disappointed by their return on cash savings, the level of equity in their existing properties or the performance of other investments. However, strong emerging economies have created new investment opportunities that offer excellent returns and Cape Verde is one such destination. Therefore, an investment in Tortuga Beach Resort & SPA can deliver the returns you are looking for and it is far more accessible than you might think; it is not exclusively for wealthy or expert investors, it is within reach for anyone looking to make their money work harder and establish wealth for the future.

  • Invest using cash savings to re-house your existing assets into something capable of delivering a more substantial and sustainable level of return
  • Release equity in your existing home or other properties to purchase a luxurious hotel suite that can deliver a far greater level of income and capital growth

There are many different routes to investing in Tortuga Beach Resort & SPA and each one of them ensures you get the returns you deserve.

The Captivating Charm of Cape Verde:

Sun-drenched beaches with pure white sands, warm crystal clear waters and a cool whispering breeze, discover this natural, relaxing and soothing paradise.

Nestling in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa and just one hour south of the Canaries, Cape Verde consists of ten islands and five islets.

It is an idyllic location, where the sun always shines and the refreshing light breeze helps maintain a delightfully warm year-round climate. This unique and vibrant place serves up a charming blend of African and European culture, it was recently voted in the top 3 by Lonely Planet for ‘Must-Visit’ destinations of 2011 and is frequently ranked amongst the top ten holiday destinations in the world by Expedia. Cape Verde is the nearest group of ‘tropical’ Islands to Europe and is currently enjoying a significant boom in tourism, with the Island of Sal, home to Cape Verde’s international airport, accounting for more than 60% of total visitors. Renowned for its warm and welcoming people, the archipelago has become synonymous with discerning tourists who are looking to soak up the sun, unwind and relax.

As the popularity of Cape Verde rises, so does the demand for luxurious beach-front accommodation, attracting property investors from Europe and beyond, all looking to capitalise on its ever increasing touristic appeal. In fact, this flourishing paradise delivers all the right economic, political and environmental conditions for an exceptional and sustainable level of return.

The Investment potential of Cape Verde:

Bustling with potential and already established on the world stage as a hotspot for property investment, Cape Verde offers unrivalled opportunities for long-term growth and substantial returns.

  • Spectacular growth in tourism with a 115% increase since 2000*
  • The booming tourism industry is a key driver for the continuing strength of the local economy, with a further 5% growth expected this year**
  • Excellent year-round climate with consistently warm temperatures of 25° to 30°
  • Direct flights are available from many European and other cities around the world
  • Flights from the UK take just 5 ½ hours - closer to home than the Caribbean and without the jet lag
  • A renowned sunshine destination with some of the best beaches in the world
  • Politically very stable with a growing economy since the late 1990s
  • Strict environmental controls and regulations for touristic development

Cape Verde has experienced a spectacular rise in tourism since 2000. The formula for success is simple; stunning beaches, a welcoming culture, year-round sunshine and just over five hours from the UK, with direct flights from London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow, as well as many other cities in Europe and beyond. With an increasing number of access routes opening up, visitor numbers are set to continue to rise for many years. This means that demand for high quality accommodation far exceeds supply, a trend that is set to continue well into the future. This creates the perfect conditions for investment. Property investors not only benefit from excellent long term rental yields, but the sort of capital growth that most other emerging markets can only dream about.

Property investment is protected by strict legislation, allowing only low-density and low-rise development projects to proceed. Not only does this preserve the original character of the Islands, it safe-guards against over development which may lead to an excess of supply, thus protecting your investment for the years ahead.

The stunning sunshine island of Sal:

  • A magnificent year-round climate and beautiful picturesque beaches, no other Island shines brighter than Sal.
  • Significant international investment into hotels, resorts, golf resorts, marinas, water parks and commercial centres
  • Home to Cape Verde’s international airport that is growing in line with an increasing number of visitors each year
  • Sal is at the heart of the investment boom in Cape Verde, accounting for over 60% of the entire rental market
  • Sal has some of the best beaches in the world, ideal for soaking up the sun as well as a range of water sports, snorkelling and diving
  • The main resort town of Santa Maria offers plenty of colour and local culture to explore as well as a range of charming restaurants, bars and shops
  • Sal Island is rapidly emerging as a world-class tourist destination. Tourists and investors alike are attracted to Sal by the beautiful beaches, with pure white sands that stretch as far as the eye can see.
  • The warm crystal clear waters are perfect for a cooling dip in the ocean, as well as more active pursuits such as watersports and diving. You can even spend a day whale watching or big game fishing – there is something for everyone.
  • The main resort town of Santa Maria is full of life and colour with a great selection of bars and restaurants to indulge in – the perfect accompaniment to a lazy day on the pure white sands. Billions of Euros are being invested into the Island, with an exciting and controlled programme of new beach-front development that is supported by significant government expenditure to enhance infrastructure, services and utilities.

This means that with such huge levels of investment, as well as its year-round tropical climate, picturesque beaches and excellent travel links from the UK, Europe, and beyond, Sal Island delivers everything required from an investment in property.